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Free Manuscript Assessment for New Authors

Free Manuscript Assessment for New Authors

Free Manuscript Assessment for new authorsOne of the most difficult tasks facing a first-time author is finding somebody to give an honest assessment of one’s book. Your family will tell you what you want to hear, generally with a just a couple of innocuous statements like, ‘It could do with a little less/more sex’ and ‘It would make a great movie.’

All reputable publishers these days, ourselves included, are receiving huge numbers of submissions and we just don’t have the time or resources to give in-depth feedback or critiques of the manuscripts received. We, like everybody else, generally only have the capacity to give yes/no answers at the submission stage and much as we’d love to be able to offer detailed appraisals, we have always had to concentrate our editorial resources on the books we were publishing.

However, in our quest to support new authors, we have decided to trial a new and unique service. We have created a new Free Manuscript Assessment Service specifically for New Authors.

This is entirely separate from our normal submission process and a manuscript sent in for an Assessment is not passed to the Submissions Team unless you specifically request it. And of course, a favourable Assessment is not a guarantee that we will accept the book for publication. Our selection process takes many other factors into account.

Send us your completed manuscript and we will give you an absolutely free professional assessment of its condition and market potential. You will receive a brief overview of any issues we identify regarding structure, plot, grammar and marketability. And although we, like any other publishing professionals, can never tell you for sure what will sell and what won’t, our assessments are based on many years experience working with hundreds of new authors and helping them create successful writing careers.

So, what’s the catch? None. No catch. Of course, we hope that getting to know the way we work and our quality of services, you will one day use more of our services but that is not an obligation.

This service is completely free and without obligation. All we ask is that it is a complete manuscript, we will not assess incomplete or partial submissions. Also, please remember that your manuscript is representing you as an author, so please make it the best it can be.

What will you get? Whilst we would love to give you an in-depth critique, as a free service this is just impossible. Our aim is to give you a professional opinion on the marketability of your book and a guide as to what, if anything, you might need to consider to improve it.

For those authors who require a more in-depth appraisal, we do offer a Full Manuscript Assessment Service which not only offers a complete report but also marketing advice by Industry Marketing Professionals on your choice of Title, Strapline and Back of Book Blurb, We will even supply you with a template approach letter which you can use to approach publishers or agents. More details here.

To take advantage of this free Manuscript Assessment Service, just send us your manuscript using the form below. Please remember, this is a free service, so whilst we will try to come back to you quickly, we can make no guarantees as to turn-around times. Also, due to the numbers we receive, our editors cannot engage in ongoing advice after the report.

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