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  • Do you charge a reading fee?
  • Do you offer Traditional Publishing?
    Yes, we offer, Traditional, Partnership and Self Publishing
  • Are there any charges for the Traditional Publishing?
    No, there are no charges to the author for Traditional Publishing
  • Do you offer Self Publishing?
    Yes, we offer a wide range of options
  • How much does it cost to Self Publish with Mirador Publishing
    It depends on the help you need. If you require no help then it is entirely free to Self Publish with Mirador.
  • Can I publish through you for free?
    Yes, as long as you provide print ready files.
  • Is your Manuscript Assessment really free?
    Yes for our standard assessment. For an in-depth assessment then there is a charge.
  • Can I use your services if I self publish through Amazon myself?
    Yes, you can choose any of our services to help you self publish with Amazon
  • What royalty rates do you pay?
    Our royalty rates depend on the publishing option chosen.
  • Can you just design a cover for my self published book?
    We can design a cover for you to publish with any self publisher
  • Do you distribute to bookshops?
    Yes, we distribute worldwide.
  • Can you help with publicity?
    Yes, we offer a range of services and free advice.
  • Will you proof read my book if I publish it elsewhere?
    Yes, we will proof read or edit and you can publish your book on Amazon or wherever you like.