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What is Partnership Publishing?

This is an arrangement where the author and the publisher enter into a partnership. In return for the author making a contribution towards the costs of setting up the book, the publisher stands all of the other costs, including design, artwork, ISBN designation, Industry Database registrations, online store listings, eBook conversions, proof copies, printing, warehousing and distribution. This partnership provides a degree of security for the publisher as the financial stake made by the author tends to ensure they are more proactive towards the success of their own book. This arrangement means that the publisher is more inclined to take risks with unknown authors.

For the benefit of all our authors, the preservation of our reputation is of paramount importance, therefore we are highly selective about what we publish and which authors we will support. If we do not believe your book has a good chance being successful we will not offer you a contract. The submission team at Mirador reviews each manuscript carefully and assesses it not only for quality but for potential marketability.

The measure of the quality of any publishing company lies in its achievements and successes and we have an enviable track record. With a string of best sellers in our lists and authors who return to us time and again we know how to support new authors, create new careers and what it takes to succeed in one of the most difficult ways to make a living.

For those authors with whom we feel we can work, we offer a choice of different options from our simple Partnership Publishing Package right through to our most popular Book Booster Package which offers a full copy-editing add-on and our industry-leading royalty levels.

Please read our options carefully as all the details are included there. We believe in being clear and transparent about what we do and any contribution levels from you. We are a simple and straightforward company who believes in the old-fashioned qualities of honesty and fairness.

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