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The Self Publishing Revolution


Historically, self publishing has been seen as something of a last-resort fall-back in the book industry. The place where authors go when they have been turned away by everybody else. It used to be called Vanity Publishing or other such derisory terms. Now however, things have changed. Print on Demand has brought a new democracy to the publishing industry and authors are deserting the constraints and demands of the huge conglomerates who have dominated the industry for the last century. Authors are now free to choose how to design and present their books in a way that suits them and to take a much larger slice of the profits in the process.

There are now a significant number of self-published million sellers out there and it’s not unusual to see the independent authors topping the charts with more and more regularity. Even big name authors are stepping away from the giants and finding more creative freedom and greater financial returns in treading their own paths.

However, self publishing is no easy option. It brings with it a need to replace those skills the big companies take for granted such as ISBN registration, international distribution agreements, cover designs, proofreading, copy editing, eBook conversions and much more. A tall order for one person to master. It is here where we excel. We understand the needs and challenges facing self-published authors and we are ready to help when needed.

For the confident author, we offer our D.I.Y. Publishing package. Through this option, an author may choose to simply use our publishing and distribution services at absolutely no cost.  A free of charge publishing package which gives a fast and easy route to the bookshelves.

On the other hand, we are ready to help at any time in the publishing process to support you, the author, and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Maybe you are comfortable designing your own cover but just need a helping hand getting the text to look nice in the printed book? Perhaps you could use some help writing and launching a press release or creating an author website? Even the best writers can become word-blind to their own work, missing obvious typos because our brains see what we expect and not that which is actually on the page. This is where professional proofreading is vital and again, we are ready to help. Just as much or as little as is necessary.

Have a look at our Author Service page to see what help we can offer. We are confident you will find that overall, no other company will come close in terms of either the range or the cost-effectiveness of these services.

It’s your book and your choice. You can choose our free self publishing option safe in the knowledge that should you run into difficulties at any point in the process, we are ready to help.

Of course, we are still selective about the books we publish. Self Publishing does not mean we will take anything, after all, we have our reputation to maintain. A reputation which is represented by each and every one of our authors.

You can submit your book to us using our submissions page. We assess each book for market potential and aim to give an answer within a few days.