Five Step Book Launch

In five easy steps, our Partnership Packages take you from unpublished manuscript, to holding your polished, market ready book in your hands. If you haven't yet, you can view a comparison of our partnerships by following the link below.


Submit Your Work for Review -

Visit our submission page to see our guidelines and send us your manuscript. We try to review and reply to all our submissions within a month.

Choose the Perfect Package for You and Your Book -

You can compare our partnerships – here

And see our full range of Author Services – here



Get Set-up with your own Personal Editor -

Once we have agreed on your contract and arranged the payment, you will be introduced to your very own member of out editorial team who will take you through the publishing process.

Work with us to Prepare Your Book for Publication -

Your editor will begin work on your manuscript, help you choose your cover design and start getting your book ready to be published. You will be consulted on all major decisions. This process usually takes around 12 weeks.



Receive your free copies and work with us to promote your book -

We will send your free copies to your chosen address and you will be handed over to a member of our post publication team who will train you in how to digitally market your book.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we are currently open for submissions in all genres! To find out more please visit our submissions page.