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For the Do-It-Yourself Author

A Little Extra Help

For the truly independent author, we have a little help with our Author Services. We understand how hard the business of writing and publishing a book really is. But once that part is completed, we move on to the truly difficult bit, getting your book seen.

Amazon currently lists 80,000,000 different titles in print. If you’re not sure what 60 million books actually look like, then it’s a stack of books which would reach higher than the Empire State Building, in fact higher than Everest, actually, the pile would reach three times the height of the orbit of the International Space Station.

As Amazon’s pages only display around 10 – 15 books per page, that’s a lot of pages somebody has to search through to find your book. Around four million pages.

Nobody can guarantee to make your book visible but every little bit you can do to help makes it more visible than the millions of books where the authors just sit back and wait.

Listed below you will find a range of author services which really work and are designed to help you, the independent author. We are always happy to put together different combinations and create savings where we can. Just talk to us.

We also encourage you to check out our competitors on both price, quality and support.

You are not required to publish your book with us to take advantage of these Author Services.

Cover DesignOur highly skilled artists will produce a cover designed to present the book in a positive manner whether viewed in print, on a computer screen or just as a thumbnail image on a smartphone. Read More
TypesettingOur team of typesetters will set your text in an industry standard format which is accepted by both readers and book professionals. This helps ensure maximum acceptance and the best possible experience for the reader.
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Marketing TextThe Back of Book Blurb is one of the most important features in the conversion of title views into sales. Most authors think it’s simply a matter of writing a stripped-down synopsis but that is a very long way from the truth.
Read More
Kindle VersionWe will convert your book to an electronic version suitable for Amazon’s Kindle device and list it on their store for readers to download instantly anywhere in the world.
Read More
ProofreadingA professional proofreading to ensure it represents you well and encourages those all-important reviews. Price is for a novel of around 100,000 words
Read More
Copy EditA good copy editor will generally examine each line in a book and check it for spelling, grammar and punctuation. They will also look at sentence structure to ensure flow and readability. Price is for a novel of around 100,000 words.
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Manuscript AssessmentOur new Manuscript Assessment Service offers a fully-featured package which will give you a real appraisal from publishing industry professionals who understand publishing, marketing, and more importantly, how to create books which sell. Read More£525