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You can use the table below to compare our three main Partnership Contracts. We can always add bits on and take bits off, so please get in touch if you have any questions about our options.

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£625 special offer!
£1250 special offer!


We provide our own ISBN number which means your book shows up as published by a big-name, reputable publisher.

Professional Typeset

Our team of typesetters will set your text in an industry standard format which is accepted by both readers and book professionals.

Marketing Text

We will help you write a blurb which will convert title views into book sales.

Full Distribution

Unlike our biggest competitors, this option includes full international distribution as standard. That means your book will be available worldwide in bookshops and libraries!

Kindle and Print Book

As well as creating a print version of your book, we will convert your book to an electronic version suitable for Amazon’s Kindle device and list it on their store for readers to download instantly anywhere in the world.

Free Books

Each package comes with an initial supply of free copies of your book to kick start your marketing efforts.




Cover Design

Our highly skilled artists will produce a cover designed to help your book look its absolute best.

In House


Fully Customised


A professional proofreading will ensure it represents you well and encourages those all-important reviews.

Copy Edit

A good copy editor will generally examine each line in a book and check it for spelling, grammar and punctuation. They will also look at sentence structure to ensure flow and readability.

We are currently open for submissions in all genres! To find out more please visit our submissions page.