Our Options

At Mirador Publishing we believe that you should always have a choice when it comes to publishing your work.  This is why we offer the most flexible and personalised options in the business. Our three main publishing choices are outlined below. Or you can click the button below to see a comparison of our partnership options.

For the independent author, we offer self-publishing help through our D.I.Y. Publishing package. Through this option, you can pick and choose from a wide range of services designed to help you through the process of self-publishing. From typesetting to copy-editing. When it comes to self-publishing help – we’ve got you covered!

Our most popular contracts are our Partnership Packages. We have found that working side by side with our authors always means that the end result is always something they can be proud of. We have had great success with our partnership authors and have found partnership publishing to be hugely beneficial to both our authors and our team. Another great plus is that, because of  the author contribution, we are able to offer much higher royalty rates than we were ever able to offer our traditional authors.

We are currently withdrawing our traditional imprint to allow us to focus on working alongside our authors rather than taking complete control over manuscripts. However, we will be offering a few traditional contracts through Mirador. You can learn more about our traditional submission guidelines by following the link below.

If you are interested in any of the above options – follow the link below to submit you work for review.