Our Partnership Contract

Our Entry Level Partnership Package is ideal for authors who need somebody to ensure their book is produced in the best way possible but is happy to do all the marketing work themselves.

Our team of typesetters will Typeset your text in an industry standard format which is accepted by both readers and book professionals. This helps ensure maximum acceptance and the best possible experience for the reader.

The Back of Book Blurb is one of the most important features in the conversion of title views into sales. Most authors think it’s simply a matter of writing a stripped-down synopsis but that is a very long way from the truth. A good back of book text makes your book show up in searches, links your book to others and hooks the reader into clicking the buy button. All in a subtle and readable manner. Our marketing team will produce a back of book text which gives your book that all important visibility and buy impulse.

Our artists will produce a cover designed to present the book in a positive manner whether viewed in print, on a computer screen or just as a thumbnail image on a smartphone.

We will convert your book to an electronic version suitable for Amazon’s Kindle device and list it on their store for readers to download instantly anywhere in the world.

We provide our own ISBN number which means your book shows up as published by a big-name, reputable publisher. This is important as it is often much more difficult to market a book where the ISBN clearly denotes a book as Self-Published.

Unlike our biggest competitors, this option includes full international distribution as standard. We do not add charges or deduct royalties for each extra territory in which your book is listed. despite being such a low cost publishing option, your book will be listed on Amazon and on distributors’ networks around the world.

In addition to all that, we will supply you with five free copies for your own marketing purposes and a royalty level significantly above that of a Traditional Publishing Contract. Extra copies can be purchased at any time directly from us at a discounted rate.

The Partnership Publishing Option contribution is only £125 which represents a saving of £175 when these components are selected individually.