Promote Contract

In addition to the full range of features in the Low-Cost Publishing Option, the Promote Package offer positive book promotion help for new authors and is designed to lift your book launch to a new level.

Books that can’t be found will never be bought. That sounds fairly self-evident but with 60,000,000 different books in print, the task of raising awareness can seem overwhelming. The promote package is designed to help authors raise the visibility of their book.

We will send a copy of your book to The Book Reviewer Website. Of course, we cannot guarantee a favourable review but we do select which books we publish carefully so most receive good reviews. We also have a veto option if the review is less than flattering! They rotate the reviews on the site regularly but you could expect it to be up for a couple of months. More Details

In addition to the book promotion features above, your book will go through a professional proofreading to ensure it represents you well and encourages those all-important reviews. Authors often become blind to the most glaring errors and typos due to something known as Author Expectation. You read a sentence in the way your mind constructed it at the time of gestation. This means it is extremely common to miss mistakes that are obvious to other readers as their minds are not providing the expected sentence and just reading what is actually written. A second pair of eyes is invaluable. We will give your manuscript to one of our professional Proof Readers and whilst no Proof Reader will ever guarantee 100% error free, our readers do come very close! More Details

You will also receive 15 copies for your own book promotion activities. Selected separately, these options together would come to over £800 but as a complete package, it is only £475