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Your Book – Your Choice

As a debut author trying to find a publisher for your book, the choice of publishing options can at first appear overwhelming. Should you go to a Traditional Publisher? Maybe Self Publishing is better? What is a Partnership Publisher? Perhaps I can find a Literary Agent to represent me?

At Mirador Publishing we recognise that you always have a choice, which is why we offer the most flexible and personalised options in the business. Whether you want full control over how your book is brought to the market, or you just want somebody to do all the hard work for you, we will create a solution for you.

We have many years experience in both Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing so we fully understand the benefits and pitfalls of both routes. We always welcome personal contact to discuss your publishing options. See our contact page.

It’s Your Book – It’s Your Writing Career – It’s Your Choice

Our most popular option is the Partnership Publishing route. This combines the best of both worlds and presents a simple and efficient route to seeing your book in full distribution. We offer a selection of ready-made packages or we can tailor one just for you. As we bear most of the cost of designing and publishing your book this represents a low-cost option for you yet still give you a high level of control and some of the best royalty rates in the business. See more details here.

Our  DIY Option is a Full Self Publishing package which gives the confident author full control over the presentation and launch of their book whilst at the same time offering a range of professional add-on services second to none and at far more reasonable rates than anybody else. Whether you need proof-reading, cover design, text layout, press releases or any other support tools, we challenge you to compare.  Check out our options here.

Traditional Publishing contracts are awarded through Belvedere, one of our traditional imprints. Here we take care of the complete process and bring the book to market in full house standards and livery. Royalty rates are competitive with the industry standards and you will be joining an impressive stable of fellow authors. As with all traditional publishing companies, we will only accept submissions of the highest standards so please follow our submission guidelines closely. More information here.