We want to make sure you find the perfect way to publish your book. That's why we offer so many different choices and are happy to tailor all our options to you, the author. Our three main services are outlined below.

Our Publishing Packages

All-Inclusive Packages Designed to Take Your Work from Manuscript to Fully Published Book


Ideal for authors on a budget
£ 395
  • Full Typeset
  • Kindle Version
  • 5 Free Copies


To help you get your book out there
£ 625
  • Unique Cover
  • Professional Proof
  • 15 Free Copies


The absolute best for your book
£ 1250
  • Proof and Copy-Edit
  • Complete Custom Cover
  • 25 Free Copies

Every one of our packages is designed around the needs of your book. We've teamed up with professional artists, proofers, editors and digital marketing gurus to make sure you get the absolute best publishing experience.

Our Self-Publishing Services

Self-publishing help for the independent author. A few of our most popular choices are outlined below.

Cover Design - £225

One of our highly skilled artists will produce a unique book cover for your book. Every one  of our covers is designed to make your book look its best, whether viewed in print, on a computer screen or just as a thumbnail image on a smartphone.

Typesetting - £75

Our team of typesetters will set your text in an industry standard format which is accepted by both readers and book professionals. This helps ensure maximum acceptance and the best possible experience for the reader.

Proofreading - £225

Your book will be sent to a member of our professional proofreading team. They will go through your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb to resolve any spelling and grammar issues. You will receive a full report with advice on how to make sure your book looks its best. This price is for a novel of around 100,000 words.

Please see our 'Submissions' page for your guidelines and to submit your work for our Partnerships, Author Services or Traditional Imprint.

Compare Our Publishing Packages

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£725 reduced to £625 for limited period
£1450 reduced to £1250 for limited period

Professional Typeset

Marketing Text

Full Distribution

Kindle and Print Book

Free Books




Cover Design

In House


Fully Customised


Copy Edit


Traditional Publishing

We are currently withdrawing our traditional imprint to allow us to focus on working alongside our authors rather than taking complete control over manuscripts. However, we will be offering a few traditional contracts through Mirador. You can learn more about our traditional submission guidelines by following the link below.