If you are interested in our Partnerships or our Author Services, please use the form below to submit your manuscript to us.

We are currently accepting both solicited and unsolicited submissions in all genres. We will give full consideration to each submission. Once your work has been reviewed we will contact you via email.

If you would like to be considered for our traditional imprint, and you believe your manuscript meets our criteria, please scroll down to submit your work through our traditional publishing form.

Partnership Submission Guidelines -

  • First three chapters of your manuscript
  • One page synopsis
  • Word document format


Submissions for Traditional Publishing

If you are only interested in our traditional publishing option, please read our submission guidelines and use the form below to send us your work.

Traditional Submission Guidelines -

  • Full proof-read manuscript of around 70,000 words
  • One page synopsis
  • Back of book blurb
  • Stand out story of sci-fi, romance or thriller
  • Word document format
  • Marketing plan for pre and post publication
  • List of potential contacts for reviews
  • Covering letter outlining relevant info about you as an author