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Our Traditional Publishing Contract Explained

Traditional Publishing is a term often confused. In essence, this is a contract where the publishing house takes all of the financial responsibility for the production and distribution of the book.

Under a Traditional Publishing contract, the company will take full control of the entire process and produces a book which maintains and promotes their House Style in terms of layout, fonts, size and cover designs. It is not uncommon for a degree of editing to take place to the author’s original manuscript, especially in terms improving the reader experience. This editing may be undertaken in-house or requested of the author.

If you publish with us via this route, your book will be published through Belvedere, one of our traditional companies. Whilst royalty rates under a Traditional Publishing Contract are always going to be lower than those which can be offered through other routes, our rates are still amongst the most competitive in the sector.

In common with all respectable full distribution publishers, we are highly selective and only the very best books will make it onto our lists. As with most companies these days, the author is expected to be proactive in promoting the book, especially in terms of social media, signing events and Blog Tours.

Belvedere will consider all genres of fiction except Pornography or Misery Books.

To submit your book to us please ensure you follow the submission guidelines here and upload your documents below.

In the first instance, we require a single line description, a one paragraph pitch, a one-page synopsis and your first three chapters. All of these should be combined into a single Word or RTF file and uploaded via the form below. We will also need your Book Marketing Plan for the initial and ongoing promotion of your book should it be accepted. If you are unsure how to construct a book marketing plan, there is a very good article here. Do not forget to include your contact details. It should go without saying that your submission should be as good as you can make it and free of typos or glaring grammatical errors.

We try to answer all initial submissions within four weeks although due to the very high volumes we receive, it may sometimes take a while longer. If your submission to Belvedere is unsuccessful, we may still offer you a contract under one of our other imprints.

If you would like to submit your manuscript to our Traditional Publishing Imprint, just click here