Traditional Publishing

The world of publishing has changed dramatically over the past few years and we have decided to change with it. We believe that the traditional model of publishing is no longer the best option for writers and publishers alike. For this reason, we are withdrawing our traditional imprint. This allows us to focus on working alongside our authors rather than taking complete control over manuscripts.

We have found that sometimes, when the author is working with an agent or a publicist, traditional publishing can work. Therefore, we are still occasionally offering traditional contracts through Mirador Publishing.

If this is the option you are interested in then with your full submission, we expect the manuscript to be fully edited and correct. We also need to see a full marketing plan with detailed stages. We are currently accepting stand out Romance, Thriller or Fantasy/Sci Fi manuscripts which are 70,000 words or more.

Alongside your submission, please inform us if you are employing the assistance of a PR or Digital Marketing team. Additionally, if you have submitted your manuscript to more than one publishing company, please state this in your submission. This will not change the way your manuscript is reviewed. Likewise, if you have accepted an offer from another publisher, please inform us.


If you are interested in our Traditional Contracts, follow the link below to submit your manuscript and marketing plan.