Yoli Ward-Streeter

Yoli is an illustrator and workshop facilitator based in Bristol. Her work centres on the body and the vibrancy and energy that can be gained from exaggerating the human form. She aims to create images that reflect the positivity that can be found in everyday life.
Connection, community, mental well-being and self-love are all recurring themes within Yoli’s work.
She has a particular affinity for creating work for charity and community based projects. Accessibility is a key component in Yoli’s work, with the aim for it to be for anyone and everyone to connect with. Her work thrives on problem solving and creating imagery with strong communication, whilst at the same time being visually engaging. 

Approx Prices for Book Cover: £700-£1000

If you would like to work with Yoli, you can contact us – tansy@miradorpublishing.com